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Sword and shield of Leo's Play Bus, Chelmsford.

Leo and his pals can't wait to see you on the play bus, so make sure you come and say hello!

King Leo's pet dragon Danny, loves to play on the bus in Chelmsford King of the Play Bus, King Leo of Essex Guarding Leo's Play Bus is Cedric of Chelmsford Rebellious Lady Arabella has fun on the bus Princess Ellyn is best friends with Leo on the Party Bus in Essex Chelmsford's finest knight on horseback, Sir Frederick on Elton Walter Wizard loves Essex's top play bus Party Bus characters King Leo and friends

Leo is the King of the
Play Bus
, he loves to jump, climb and just have fun playing on the bus. His favourite time is when it's PARTY TIME!!!

Sir Frederick and his trusty horse Elton, are always running round the play bus making sure that everyone is behaving.

Look out for Walter Wizard and his super-duper interactive games and sound effects on the bus - they're so much fun!

Lady Arabella is Ellyn's little sister and a bit of a rebel! She hides in the ball pit to launch ball attacks on anyone who enters.

To gain entry to the bus you must pass Cedric of Chelmsford, he guards the bus, only letting in children who promise to have fun!

Princess Ellyn is Leo's best friend. Her favourite things on the play bus are the disco lights and music as she loves to sing and dance.

Thorodan (or Danny as he likes to be known) is Leo's cheeky 'pet' dragon. He loves to zoom down the slide - watch out for him breathing fire!

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